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Story Writing

I love writing and someday if I had the confidence I would like somebody, preferably a stranger who has experience, to read some of my work and let me know with honesty what they think, do you think I may be suffering with low self esteem Ha! you're correct I do.

I am going to make myself a promise, I am going to start writing a little story tomorrow and I will see how I get on, its about time, it was all the letters on this site that has encouraged me to experience some of that fun you get when you achieve something you have always wanted, wish me luck girls!
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I'd love to read some of your work although I don't have experience, professionally anyway.  I love to read and I write too.  Mostly poems and someday I hope I can write a novel based on the experiences of my life.  I did write a novel once but (talk about low self-esteem) I thought it was bad so I burnt it.  Sigh....
If you want I could even share some of my stuff with you so we'd both be nervous...hehehe
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Thanks for your reply.   I can't believe you burnt your book, are you mad, all that hard work, never do that again Ha it probably would have been a best seller.

I have to think and plan what I am going to write about so when I am further on I would love to accept your help.  I can't imagine anybody wanting to read anything I write because I think there is more to writing than I realise.  I would probably write as I think if you know what I mean, it can't be that easy, can it?

Keep in touch I am new to this forum so I can lose my way until I get used to it.

All the best
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I would also love to read what you've written!!
I think this could be a great deal of fun. It's great to get a stranger's opinion on anything you're not sure about!

Colette, It CAN be as easy as just putting your thoughts on paper... as long as your thoughts flow nicely and are catchy ;)

I'm gonna keep my eye on this post! I hope we can all go crazy together and build self esteem!!

(Ruthy, Yay!! another Canadian!)
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Ok ladies I'll get us started.  This is a poem I wrote for my husband for our fifth year anniversary.

After 5 Years

All my life I felt empty and alone
I wandered through darkness, lost with no home
I caught glimpses of happiness, but they faded away
all my life, all I wanted, was that light to stay

After each small death my heart became cold,
my soul became weary, my soul became old,
and then there was you...

Your heart was so broken and yet I could see,
the light in your darkness, the light inside me
Our minds and our hearts fought everyday
for fear that our comforting darkness would be taken away..

but our love is like water that breaks through the stone
and inside one another our hearts found a home

Battles we face and fight on our knees
We push and we pull 'till the other agrees
we share in our love
we share in our hate
lover and friend and each others soul mate

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That made me cry it is so full of feeling.  I couldn't write poems but I know a good one when I read it, I'm not following that Ha! not now, just keep writing Ruthy Go Girl!
Regards Colette77
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Thanks!  all of my poems are very personal like that...I've tried writing about other things but they tend to sound really corny..maybe one day I'll work for Hallmark!  hehe
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awwww, That is such a sweet poem, really pulls on the heart strings =)
I would love to know how your hubby reacted to it, did he reach for the kleenex box? =P

Ok, so after that poem, mine if going to seem like it was written by a 2 year old... lol it's not very deep....  I'm tempted to NOT post it...  but we can't both chicken out ;) *kidding*

ok.... talk about corny... phhh...  Voila =P

A penny in a fountain
Or the Candles on a cake
Many wishes have been cast
All the answers come back fake

But I'll always remember the star
That brought you here to me
It flew across the sky
The night he set me free

I'd like to know where you came from
Who would ever let you go
Does she have a clue of what she's missing
Or would she prefere to never know

My wish was sent to angels
Who right away made it true
No need for bows and arrows
When God makes men like you

The angels sat there smilling
When they saw the match they made
And they heard the sigh from Cupid
As he put his arc away

A love this like this is rare
One i thought i'd never find
Every heartbreak now seems worth it
Just knowing you are mine

It's all over the place, I just wrote it last night, didnt realize that this post would move along so quickly =) Bare with my girls, and i LOVE constructive critisisme... so critisize away!!!!

BTW it's for my sweetheart, Hugh. Although i dont think i'll ever let him read it =P
We've been friends for many years, and when i broke up with my ex, I went on a huge rant about the kind of guy i wanted and why were guys so dumb... lol the normal girl rant... and then a few months later he asked me out and repeated to me almost everything i had describbed my perfect man to be... and then finished by saying he wanted to be all of that to me.....  *gah* I love him.... =)
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That is a sweet poem...I love the gushy stuff, makes me feel all warm and tingly

I don't think you can criticize poems like that, it all comes from the heart!

We'll both end up working for Hallmark!
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hehe SOLD! hallmark here we come =)
I'm going to work on it and try to make it flow a little better!

Colette, We're just waiting for you now =P
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I'll be your manager!!!     Give me time but don't hold your breath!
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