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To Barbie or not to Barbie ?

Has Barbie gone too far?  I went looking for a couple of 'girl dolls' for Family and saw on the news that parents are troubled by the Tarty doll trade ,the latest is a Fish net Barbie ,some say its for the 'adult collectors" . What do you think, has it gone too far or is this what little girls like now .or is Mattel simply going for the Adult collectors with this .?
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I don't know about Barbie, but I think those Bratz characters are WAY too physically sexual-looking for children, especially little girls. I don't like the demeanors they portray, either.
I don't have a daughter, and I never was interested in Barbies when I was little, but let me tell you, if I had a daughter I would be very restrictive of her having Barbie dolls and I would forbid those sl*tty Bratz dolls altogether.
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Fischer Price has a line out called the loving family, moms just a bit plump nothing sexy ,look like a real mom,has Dad , twins babies, big sister, big brother and teen sister who doesnt drees like a tart aslo Grandparents avaliable its a really nice set, has a beutiful doll house for the family with fabric furniture too, dolls are reasonable, house and furniture are pricey, but good quality. ( it may be spelled Luving Family, not sure)
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When I was little I used to love Barbies and still think they are great.  I actually had a pregnant barbie when I was little... I don't think there is anything wrong with them!  But I agree that Bratz are not very appropriate!
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Well apparently this new Barbie beats them all for extremety, I think I saw that loving Family doll in the store and they looked wholesome and neat, so maybe I will over rule the Barbie and Bratty girls in my Family ,I can simply say I liked the look of them more than the others, you know this all comes from the singers , look at Madonna's dress and Brittany Spears and a ton of others, girls seem to want to look up to., it all started around the same time .OKay so I will be the Ogre at Christmas ,
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This new barbie is based on a comic book character called "black canary that has been around since the late seventies!  I think it is probably for comic book characters and would like to mention that any outrage is about 30 years too late.  If we had only started burning the books earlier...!!

Seriously aren't there several dance barbies etc. that imitate this?  Not too mention the one for Elektra my daughters favorite super heroine?
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BTW The Bratz dolls are officially collectors items sinc they lost a law suit with Mattel the barbie makers and can no longer officially produce them.
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well I have made up my mind and am going to go for a differant doll altogether or let their Mom sort it out.
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Go with an American Girl doll... I know they cost more, but they are much better.  
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I'm not sure but when I was younger barbie was just as slutty.  Actually her boobs were enormous and she had the tiniest waist.  Very unrealistic but I believe they deflated her breasts and gave her a larger waist.  
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Well I fell for a sporty Barbie with a doggie and also picked up a "My little Pony"  so I chickened out and got the Barbie , I may end up playing with it .
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I played with Barbies when I was a kid, but I think it has gotten a little ridiculous, what with Barbie divorcing Ken and the fact that the older Ms Barbie gets the tinier her waste seems to become. I wouldn't have a problem with my daughter(when I have one) having a barbie or 2, but I agree with the fact that the Bratz dolls are completely ridiculous.
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I love Barbie!  I grew up with them!  I think they go a little overboard with the different themes...my friends and I had a ball with them using our imaginations!  As we got older, they weren't always so sweet and innocent!!
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I don't know, that is really weird. Definitely not child appropriate. I did read, and notice, that they reduced Barbie's breast size, which is cool. I think they should give her a healthy weight too, but I guess one step at a time. As far as I know, adults don't collect Barbies, so I don't understand why Matel would be targeting that market. I hope they make better decisions in the future, because I grew up playing with Barbie, too, and it did impact the way I view myself on the outside and other women's appearance.
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