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Your views on same sex couples/marriages.

Ok so I was just watching Dr. Phil and they had a show on same sex marriages. I found it interesting (as I am not religious really) that there was a religious woman (not sure if she was catholic or Christian) who was PRO same sex. I wonder if she was only like this because of her mother leaving when she was 6, and here dad then became involved with another man. Or if she would be against it had she no family that was gay. I have to say that I am PRO same sex marriages 100%. Im probably as for it as the gays themselves. I think it is no different as long as they are happy, and loving. And  think if they are stable there should be no question that they should be allowed to have kids. (sperm donation or adoption...either way)
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I'm in favor of it.  I think it's no one's business who we love and want to share our life with.  
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whatever floats their boat. if that's what makes them happy than who am i or anybody else to tell them they can't be together?

love is blind.
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I grew up in a strong catholic family. With that said, I have no issues wiht same sex marraiges. I think everyone deseves to be wiht the person they love. No one has the right to tell two ppl they cannot get married.
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What a lot of folks take issue is taking the word marriage away ,why does it have to be a marriage ,.....they called themselves Gay they  took that word for their own surely folks who want to be together can have a differant word for it...it seems they want it every way , the young girl Miss America was blagarded for saying that she and her family recognised Marriage as it was between a Man and a Woman I say the same....sorry for barging in on your agreement...
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I feel the same Margy.  Marriage in definition and the constitution is between man and woman.

This is specifically what is said:

TITLE 1 > CHAPTER 1 > § 7Prev | Next § 7.  Definition of “marriage” and “spouse”

In determining the meaning of any Act of Congress, or of any ruling, regulation, or interpretation of the various administrative bureaus and agencies of the United States, the word “marriage” means only a legal union between one man and one woman as husband and wife, and the word “spouse” refers only to a person of the opposite sex who is a husband or a wife.
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Everyone has free will and the right to do as they please. What I don't like, and many others, is how they try to force us to accept their way of living as normal or right and if we don't then we're homophobic or full of hate, etc. I don't hate anyone. I have a dear friend who left his wife and children to go be with his male lover. He devastated his entire family but I still love him as a friend, even if I'm heartbroken by what he's done.
When did it all of a sudden become free speech for everyone except those who don't agree with this, by the way? An example is Miss California. Why was she attacked for simply expressing her beliefs (in a nice way, by the way)? Talk about scary. I thought this was America, the land of the free. We should all be allowed to have our own beliefs and feelings and not attacked for them.
Speaking of attacking, please don't attack me for expressing my viewpoints here!
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By the way, just out of curiosity, what was Dr. Phil's views on this or did he say?
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I feel the same way and my cousin left his wife and family and went to live with his male lover.  I love him and really like to be around him because he is hilarious but he does not force his views or opinions on me and would never criticize my feelings on marriage.  He believes that marriage is defined as man and woman and does not think that should be changed.  I love all people no matter what they choose and what they do on their time is their business.  But, do not change the sanctity of marriage by changing what it is about.
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Melissa, was that written when same sex wasnt even a thought?
Like April said wth her male friend leaving his wife with another male. Some would see that and say, "see gays are bad and hurt their families" well not just gays do that for one and for two its better he do that than not be happy and live the life of someone hes not.
I was busy  doing house work so I didnt watch the whole thing but it lookes like he was more for it, but being Dr.Phil, he didnt shut the other side down completely and say your wrong, this is how it should be.

Now here is something interesting...I never even thought "Marriage" between a same sex partner was a bad thing. I do see its different in the aspect of sex, but to me, Marriage isnt about the sex anyway. Its a loving happy couple, who have a bond and a friendship, who do the nasty. Does it matter how they do the nasty? Is there a specific way it needs to be done for you to be considered married?
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Know the marriage  definition and constitutional rights doctrine was just ammended in 2008 and as you can see it is clear in what it means.

First of all I never said that gays were bad or that I did not think they should have relationships.  That is their perogative.  I do not care what anyone else does and I will not criticize them for it.  But, I expect the same respect from them when it comes to my faith and what marriage really means.  I do not codemn anyone for having relationships with the same sex and if they want civil unions that is fine but do not change the meaning of marriage and what chistianity is about.  

All people are entitled to their opinion on this matter and I find your comments rather offensive.  I do not care if they consider themselves married.  But, do not make it a legal marriage but do it as a civil union.   Why do we have to be so particular and change the meaning of marriage when they can have what they want but call it something different.  
As far as how they do the nasty.  I really do not care what they do and really do not want to hear about it from either couple whether homosexual or heterosexual.  Sex is something that is private and should not be broadcasted all over the tv or anywher for that matter.  I do not go around and talk about my sex life that is none of anyones business.

I am not being rude and respect your opinion.  But please do not attack me for having a different point of view.  


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Melissa, Im sorry you find I was "attacking you" by asking if what you were referring to was a long time ago or present time. I just wanted to know when, I wasn't trying to be offensive so I dont know why you took it that way.

Im quite confused by what you mean here. You are saying that men and women should be together right? What is the difference between men and women other than their  down there parts? REALLY? There isnt much difference.

Marriage has nothing whatsoever to do with Christianity anymore. By that line of reasoning, only regularly practicing, church going praise-Jesus Christians could marry. The separation of the Church and the State are absolutely necessary for a democratic government. Saying that changing the definition of marriage affects Christianity is ludicrous on many, many levels. What about Christian gays? Do they lose (your definition of) Christianity and therefore marriage because of their feelings and desires since birth? God made them that way, why would he create someone he would knowingly disallow rights under his faith? You said that you do not care what anyone else does, because it's their prerogative , yet you would limit their rights as an equal citizen, arbitrarily?

Marriage is a creation of man, not god. God created Man, then Man created Marriage. Man can do whatever with his marriage he so chooses. If you find my viewpoint offensive, a view which promotes rights for ALL and arbitrary restrictions for none then you would be an elitist. Someone believing them self to be superior, because they have the right to restrict the freedoms and lifestyles of innocent, hard-working, Gay people.

You said early that Marriage and Christianity are dependent of each other, yet later said legal Marriage. Which is it? Is Marriage based in written law of Man, or based in the Holy Church of God?

When saying "Why do we have to be so particular and change the meaning of marriage when they can have what they want but call it something different." What if when a law was written, when it was only white settlers and natives, the law said "Only white, land-owning, Roman Catholic, virginal couple may marry". Would you petition your government to Allow you to marry if you failed to meet any of those criteria? The God I believe in does not discriminate against Gender, Sexual orientation, denomination, physical appearance, wealth, race, colour, etcetera ad nauseam.

It is no ones right, not even God's, to judge or discriminate that Gays should not have equal rights. They have infact more right than YOU to marry, as they are not telling you "no, you're wrong, you can't because I say so". Put yourself in their shoes. What if, under some unreasonable ruling, it was written that you couldn't marry. Let's say because you had a birthmark. Does God not love people with birthmarks? Should the Government (Which controls the laws, not God) not allow you to marry?

The government has no place to tell it's citizens that most have a certain right, but a percentage of them, because of whom they love, do not. I have been baptized Christian, and am more so as I grow older. But the god you worship is not mine. Mine loves and values ALL his people regardless of anything that can be named. Yours does not value some of his subjects because of their use of his given free-will. That would be satan if my teachings are correct.

Let Man (and woman and transvestite and hermaphrodite and a-sexual and and and for ever) have their marriage and be happy. If you don't want someone else to be happy because of their love for another, you have no place amongst other Humans. Good day.
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"What about Christian gays? Do they lose (your definition of) Christianity and therefore marriage because of their feelings and desires since birth? God made them that way, why would he create someone he would knowingly disallow rights under his faith?"

-No, Christian gays do not lose their definition of Christianity for being gay. If someone accepts Jesus as God's son the savior of their sins, they a Christian as long as they believe that wholeheartedly and do their best to live life just as Christ lived his, which was free of sin. Of course we'll fail and sin, but our goal is to TRY and keep trying.
On that note, God did not create sin. God created free will, but not sin. God does not and cannot create evil. But he can create beings with free will that can commit sin, yet since they have free will and God's grace if they ask for it, they do not have to commit sin. Sin is a choice in free will.
That said, God condemns the ACT (not the people) of homosexuality multiple times throughout the Bible, Old and New Testaments. He says homosexuality is a sin. If it's a sin, then people have a choice not to act on it, whether or not it was "born into" them. The fact is, sin was born into all of us because of the curse of Adam's and Eve's fall in the Garden of Eden. Sin is sin, whether it be lying, stealing, homosexuality, lust, etc. We are all born with it and can't help but fall down and commit the acts of sin, because we're humans under a curse. But that's the whole point of salvation through Christ. He is our example and offers forgiveness when we fall, and gives us the means to continue on a better, sin-free path if we choose. All of us are "born with" sin that we cannot help. Some people can't help lying, some people can't help stealing. But do we excuse the behavior? No, there are always consequences with man and with God. If man chooses to excuse the sin of homosexuality, so be it. God will not. (Again, note how I have not said God "hates gays, etc." just that he will judge whom he created and the acts they've committed that he defines as sin. Everyone will be judged by God someday, homosexual or not, for the sins they committed in their life. I'm just as guilty as anyone and everyone else).

"Marriage is a creation of man, not god. God created Man, then Man created Marriage."

-I do not agree. Marriage is a creation of God and acted upon by man. God created Adam first, saw that he was lonely and needed a companion, a helper, and created Eve from Adam's body, making them "as one flesh." This is the first marriage. From here, what Adam and Eve decided to do with their marriage was their free will. But it is God's will for man and woman (as that's how he created the first marriage) to be joined together with his blessings, promised to each other by each other for life, and held to that promise before man and God.

"Man can do whatever with his marriage he so chooses."

-That's right. Free will. People may choose to have a God-centered marriage or a marriage only based on man's law and leave God absent. Marriages may be successful or not, but it is their free will to do with their marriage what they choose.

"The God I believe in does not discriminate against Gender, Sexual orientation, denomination, physical appearance, wealth, race, colour, etcetera ad nauseam."

-I agree. But he does discriminate what he defines as sin, which people have the free will to act upon if they choose.

"It is no ones right, not even God's, to judge or discriminate that Gays should not have equal rights."

-No, it's no person's right to judge or discriminate, but God certainly does have the right to judge his creation to his standards.

"Let's say because you had a birthmark. Does God not love people with birthmarks?"

-Birthmarks are not a sin or an act you commit. Of course God loves people with birthmarks.

"Mine [God] loves and values ALL his people regardless of anything that can be named. Yours does not value some of his subjects because of their use of his given free-will."

-God values his creation even though were sinners. If he didn't value us, we wouldn't have the salvation through the belief in his Son Jesus. He let his Son die so we could spend eternity with him too, regardless of the sins we committed, if we repented of the sins and tried our absolute hardest to follow the life of Christ, God's precious son who lived the life the same as us humans, as a sinner who never committed a sin but had the temptation to do so.
God is a loving God and values his people, but he is also a jealous God, a God capable of anger and wrath, pursuing justice and making righteous judgments, because he cannot tolerate sin or evil. That is why he so desperately wants us to be free of our sins and gives us that opportunity each day of our precious lives. But judgment will come. In the end, I know my sins will be judged, but I also want to hear, "Well done, my good and faithful servant," and know I will spend the rest of my eternity with my loving creator.
I'm sure you can tell my stance on gay marriage. But I wanted to chime in and clarify things about the difference between the God I serve and the God you serve, just as you also did. Thanks, and have a great day. :-)
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Amen, AJ. You said all I would have.
I agree with you and Melissa. What bothers me is if I have a different view or belief it's considered a hate crime or homophobic and some places even have a class to force you to accept this! Sounds like brainwashing to me, or better yet, a threat. It's gotten down to where we HAVE to accept this or we're attacked. When did this group become so powerful? And why do they have to push and try to force us to accept something we do not believe in? I don't care if it's not popular right now, I choose to believe my Lord and Savior and what his views are and he says it's a sin, it's a lifestyle or choice. I do not believe people are born this way. I believe we all have the capacity to sin in whatever area we seem to be the weakest in but with God all things are possible and we can overcome sin but only through his power and help.
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I believe in same-sex marriages but am not going to bash anyone who doesn't.  The same problems that exist in opposite-sex marriages are true with same-sex marriages - cheating, abuse, how to divide the housework, etc.  So can there also be the same love and commitment.  There has been a debate for years regarding whether or not gays, lesbians, etc. were born like that or if they chose it.  If they are born that way and that is against the Christian belief system - no offence - then it seems like God made a mistake in making gays/lesbians.  Does God make mistakes?  That was a question, not a threat.

= )

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We each have our own opinions and views of "our" God. Yours is much different than mine, it would seem.

You say birthmarks are not a sin therefore God loves people with them. How is homosexuality a sin? I do not see the sin of it. Biblically it could be a sin but who is it negatively impacting? No one.

AJH84, I agree with most points. Leaving God however entirely out of the issue, Deal with the government. The Church and the government should have no relation whatsoever. Furthermore, laws should not EVER be based on religion or it's teachings.

Whether God approves of Homosexuality or not has nothing to do with the laws of a nation. Until God descends or Christ comes again, we have only the Government to make laws. The Government has NO PLACE to discriminate against homosexuals, or their marriage. To do so means, and can only mean, their ideology is faith based and not what is best for the nation. God should not be a part of the lawmaking process of a nation. Religion is a private matter on a person to person basis.

Anyone can believe anything they want. I have deeply seated hatreds of some things people would award the nobel peace prize for. What I am is tolerant of all persons, until they give me a reason not to (such as mugging me, then their right to life is up)

The church and the state are separate, almost. The laws based in religion NEED to be rescinded. They have no place in a modern society.

If gay marriage is not allowed, sex out of wedlock, abortion, and all those other religious no-no's should be criminalized... right?

Christians believe what they want. I believe what I want. To his each his own. BUT THE GOVERNMENT MUST BE TOLERANT.

There is one, easy way to see if someone is an intelligent Christian or a mindless, brainwashed fanatic.

Q: Do you want everyone to be Christian?

Fanatic: Yes

Intelligent person: No. I am happy being Christian. If someone else is happy being Muslim, Jewish, Atheist, Buddhist, Shintoist, whatever they want, I am happy for them, and I want them to continue being that.
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loneywolf, No God does not make mistakes.  He created all people and also knew that sin was going to come into play.  He created Adam and Eve wanting them to do what they were told and not to sin.  But, they did anyway.  So, that is how sin was created.  God did not create it since he set laws for the two of them and they disobeyed them.  


If I am a fanatic for hoping and praying that all will come to know the Lord; then so be it.  But, realistically, it is not possible.  Sin is and always will be here until He comes back to take his people home.  If you don't want to be a christian, that is fine.  I still love you and care for you no matter what you believe in as would our Lord and Savior.  That does not mean that I or others cannot try to help you to understand that God created the World and all the people in it.  He is the only one that will be their for you no matter what the situation.  How many people can you say would do that for you?  Would they be nailed to a cross and die for you?  I don't know many that would do this for me.  The Lord will and would do it again and again and again to show his love and forgiveness to all, especially if that meant that all of us believed, had faith, stopped sinning and just totally gave themselves up to him.

I have to got to say you are just way off base here.  Have you ever read the Bible or at least some of it?  Because my bible does not say any of these things that you have stated in any way shape or form except for codemning the sin of Homosexuality.  But, he knew that people were going to sin but that still doesn't make it right.  

As a matter of fact, sex out of wedlock, abortion and homosexuality is not allowed in christianity unless you show your faith in God and that you have asked him to forgive you for the specific sin. But, you must try to change and struggling with this is a part of what you must go through.  And also knowing that you may still sin again.  So, yes, you can be a christian and be Gay but only if you are willing to admit that this is a sin in God's eyes and that you are willing to try to remove the sin from your life.  But, He still Love you no matter what the sin is.  

You really need to go to BOLD4CHRIST's profile and read about his struggles.  He is one that can show how God's Love is overpowering and if you accept him and ask him for forgiveness; he will forgive you and all the sins that you have asked of him.  He will tell you that what he did was totally wrong but also that it was a constant struggle for him.  But, he knew that with God nothing is impossible.  No, his story isn't about homosexuality but sins are sins no matter what it is.  There is no sin that is worse than another.  Sin is Sin is Sin.  

Marriage was created by God and specifically says man and woman.  There is a big difference between man and woman and to say that the only thing is genitals; is just plain ridiculous.  Can men have children?  All people are different and that is how God created it to be.  We are not all the same and God would not want us all to be or he would have created it that way.  

"What I am is tolerant of all persons, until they give me a reason not to (such as mugging me, then their right to life is up)"

What gives you the right to say their life is up?  That is what are courts and laws are for and punishment will come to them for what they had or have done.  And, if the courts do not punish them, God will.  


BTW, you really need to reread our Constitution so that you understand that God is a part of America and that is what this country was based on.  That is why it was written into the Constitution.  Homosexuality is a choice and I or noone else has any right to condemn or harm anyone based on this or any other decision that they make for their lives.  Marriage is a sacred and Christian made belief that should stay that way.  I do not ask or question what a Homosexual wants out of their relationship.  That is completely up to them.  But, to ask that they be allowed to marry and especially be married in a church setting is wrong.  They can create a religion that holds their beliefs and follows their guidelines and will honor them in that place.  And they can also have a union in their church that says they are together forever.  Everyone has the right to create their own person to worship or to create a separate religion that is for them only.  That is why this is called America.  

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Homosexuality, fornication, prostitution, and lust are all sins clearly defined in the Bible. All of the above negatively impact everybody--perhaps not right away, but in the long run it all catches up with an individual, or the individuals involved, or the society, or the culture. Sex, Biblically, is supposed to be between one man and one woman who have been legally married for the duration of their lives. Sex outside of marriage, hetero or homosexual, can lead to disease, unplanned pregnancies, abortions, heartbreak, resentment, jealousy, depression, broken families, suicide, murder, etc.
Sin always carries a consequence. Consequences can be personal or involve lots of people.
Anyway, I personally wouldn't want to depend entirely on the government and man's laws until "God descends or Christ comes again" because all men are prone to sin and mistakes, prone to misleading and abuse of laws that they make. Seeking God's will in life helps me understand man's laws and either obey or discern what goes against my morals and acknowledge that in an appropriate way. I would definitely want God to be a part of the lawmaking process in a nation, but since he's clearly not welcomed too much in the lawmaking processes of this nation or government, I do make it personal for me, because I don't want my life governed by anyone above God, since God knows what's best for me.
I try to be tolerant of all persons too, even when they give me reason not to be tolerant of them, because it's a well known fact that God doesn't need to be or shouldn't be tolerant of us, but he is if we seek his forgiveness and guidance. I would never say that someone's "right to life is up" because they mugged me; I would ask God to help me forgive them and let him have the judgment. It is not my right to say when a person's right to live is no longer valid because of a personal incident.
Gay marriage is not allowed in most states, but it's not "criminalized." Married gay couples can enter a state where gay marriage is not recognized and not be considered criminals.
And I guess I'd be considered a "fanatic," because yes, I want everyone to be a Christian. But do I go out each day and get in people's faces and say, "You're living a bad life and going to hell because you're not a Christian, so become a Christian to 'be saved'!" Absolutely not. That's no way to show people the love of Christ; it will only turn them away.
But I do believe it is a priority and obligation for me to love people like Christ does, and to want for people what Christ wants for them. Christ does not want people to put anyone or anything over the sacrifice he's made for them, God doesn't want anything or anyone prioritized above him (the first commandment). God wants all of his creation to come back to him in eternity because that's how much he loves us even through our broken, messed up lives.
I personally cannot be happy being a Christian if I find no need to share my faith if I think others are just fine and dandy with how they're living but do not have a Christ-centered life. I am part of God's creation, one of his children, just as everyone else is, so that makes us all brothers and sisters in God's eyes. I wouldn't want to see my brothers and sisters condemned to an eternity without God's presence. I want to be able to, with God's help, love other people as much as he does, and encourage them to live a life that God finds pleasurable, but I certainly do not want to be so forceful about it that it turns them away from God.
But no, I honestly cannot say I am happy for people who want nothing to do with their Savior or know nothing about him, and even if they are happy in their lives, I wouldn't want that to continue for them if it means an eternity banished from God's presence.
I want people to know their Savior, and I want to do everything I can with MY life to SHOW them God's love, but never force it on anyone who wants nothing to do with him. If I'm unable to do anything to successfully show them, then God will either work on their hearts in his own time or deal with them personally one day.
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Well, I guess I'm a fanatic too then for my beliefs because I too would like to see people come to Christ into his healing light and be delivered and healed in a way that only God can do. As mentioned above, Boldsojah4Christ is a great example of what God can do in our lives. I see it over and over again. I saw it in my own teenager's life. She was heading down the wrong path big time but God turned her around in a dramatic way and she's a different kid today. There's no explaining that except that the power of God overruled the power of the devil. Yes, we have good and evil in this world and the devil is doing a number on many good people who don't know the Lord. Like AJ, though, I don't get in people's faces and get all hateful and tell them they're going to hell, etc. I only do as I feel led by the Lord and it's always in a kind and loving way.
By the way, I was a little taken aback that you said only intelligent people don't care how people are living their lives and that makes most Christians fanatics, I guess. That seemed a bit arrogant to me. True followers of Christ are not going to pick and choose what they want to believe out of the Bible. We either accept and believe it or we don't. God is not some puppet we can manipulate to doing what we want. He made these laws for our own good but he also offers freedom for those who turn to him, freedom from the clutches of sin and darkness. God also says he doesn't want lukewarm people following him. He'd rather we be hot or cold and that he is about to spit out of his mouth all the lukewarm followers. Can you blame him? He wants all of us, all our hearts and love and in return offers all of him. He already proved that by dying on a cross for all of us. It's up to us what we do with his gift he offers.

I've done some studying on homosexuality and interestingly enough many, many of them also say it's a choice and they don't even like it that the new thing now is that they were born that way. Also, many, many of them turned to homosexuality after a traumatic experience, whether it be rape, incest, molestation, or even just a mother or father who was cold and didn't give them that love and affection. I see this time and time again. If people were born this way, why does this play such a huge role? It doesn't make sense. I think they have fallen for a big lie and I feel sadness and concern for them, certainly not hate. But I don't go out and bash people over the head with a Bible. I do pray as the Lord leads and do what I feel he's wanting me to do. That's all I can do, otherwise I'm doing things in my own strength and not relying on Him and I try not to do that or our own emotions can get in the way, if that makes sense.

You had to know this would be a hot topic when you posted this. =) I hope everyone can have a nice debate or express themselves and how they feel without any attacks or anything. As for the original question, obviously I'd say no, I don't believe in gay marriage. I believe it should be between one man and one woman.
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Melissa, I have to say some of the things I agree with that you are saying. I have not read the bible but have gone to church a few times. I still believe marriage is creation of man.

Im sorry that you believe so deeply in the courts and the system. The system is flawed. Right from the jury, judges, lawyers, government, Heck even service canada. Some examples are: Im not working do to moving across the counrty with my military hubby. I was collecting employment insurance only for the days that I am "ready able and willing to work" but arent.... the week that I physically could not work because we were on teh road driving, I didnt get payed for... Makes no sense to me at all!
Another example is that when I was really young I was sexually abused. When I was 5 I finally told my mom. It went to court as the piece of $%^& denied everything. Because I couldnt tell how old I was and didnt know that your body wasnt from head to  toe its from neck to crouch, the only thing he got was stay 100 feet from her, and I got some money for counceling. I told specific details that they could have figured out how old I was (ie. my head came up to my moms knee cuz after he did it I ran to my mom and put my head on her knee) and gave such specifics to the day that my mom could have figured out ok this was there and I was having tea with grandma,  thats the day and yes she was playing in the other room for about an hour. The system is flawed!
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April, I thought that in todays society we would be more acepting of gay marriages and thought there would be a few against gays but not as much as I have seen. Im not attempting to shut anyone down, sorry if I have, some people are just contradicting and it makes me mad.
Melissa, Sorry If I dont care much about laws in the US as I am Canadian.
That may also be why I am more open to gay marriages.  

Another thing is, I am religious, I enjoy church and listing to what they say and all of tat, I feel safe and relaxed, but I still have my own views and dont follow in the traditional cult like foot step of others.
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I've always thought marriage was a social construct.  So is the law.  Almost anything made by humans is flawed.  Very little is "natural" any more.  I'm Canadian too and I don't know if that's why same sex marriage isn't an issue for me.  It might be that I've known some really good, caring gay/lesbian folks who have been bashed and abused just for being gay.  To me, that's a hate crime.  I'd rather see same sex marriages than war and killing.  I've always believed God was a loving, forgiving, tolerant and compassionate God; that's what I leaned in church.  However, I know others have different views and there's nothing wrong with that.  I just wonder how this thread got from same sex marriages to religion.

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The  bible proves God is malicious. The Bible has also been translated and rewritten hundreds of times, by hundreds of thousands of people, who interpret it differently, have different ideas, who embellish, who lie, who plain make stuff up.

God allows Satan to kill Job's entire family, strike him with painful illness and destroys his lively hood. You blind fanatics make me afraid. I'm afraid that people like you will sometime come into power and bring harm to others.

If God can prevent sin, but is unwilling, he is malicious.
If God can't prevent sin, he is not omnipotent.

Don't talk to me about perfect God. Why should a gay or lesbian have to live in CONSTANT SIN because they are INLOVE with another same sex.

No, The bible should be as far as humanly possible from law. It needs to be that way. Discrimination in the name of religion has been responsible for the death of millions. Missions, the crusades, need I go on? Continuing discrimination has no place in society. Those who would attempt to will burn in hell with Racists and Bigots.

And for Fornication. How in God's name are we to reproduce without sex? I refuse to be guilty of sin because I want kids or to be passionate with my partner. Your god is malicious, jealous and from some of the stuff you said, a real *******. Mine is not. You have not a clue of true love until you accept people for who they are. Gays are not sinners for being gay. Who I choose to believe God is, loves ALL his children. Mindless devotion is dangerous. I am not friends with people who do things I find offensive. If I come to believe God hates gays for being gay, I will renounce my faith and go on an anti-religion crusade.
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I think the gay people should be able to have a legal, loving and binding union...call it marriage or call it something else, it doesn't matter.  They want legal marriage for the same reasons that heteros do and they should have it!  A lot of people refer to the bible, to say that same sex marriage is wrong and goes against the bible and God's wishes...there is absolutely no proof of that whatsoever.  God nor Jesus wrote the bible...it was written by Man and Man has always written in the slant of what was righteous for that particular time!  Man is not always right , remember when they killed women for being witches??  What about the Crusades??  What about women not being seen as equals to Man??  I believe that God is a loving God and that wherever there is love, He is there also and approves. Until God himself tells me that He doesn't approve of Gay marriage, I will support anyone who has love for another and wants to profess that love by the contract of marriage.  By the way, who wrote that description of marriage??  Man did...
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Just wanted to throw this out there...If Adam & Eve were the only 2 people on earth and then they had Cain & Abel...who did these 2 boys "marry" or "lay down" with, to populate the earth???  The only answer to this question that I can see, is that they "married" or "laid down" with their own sisters!  If that is the case, according to Man, is that not Incest??  Does anyone know where the answer to this is in the bible? I'd really be interested to hear anyone's thoughts on this....
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