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what would you go without???

if given a choice to loose sight,taste.feel,hear,touch,smell witch one would you choice??
and why??
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smell because i could not go without touching seeing or hearing my baby cry and i love to eat!!!
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I also went with smell, like you I would hate to miss all the fun stuff with my kids and I also love to eat. I could go without smelling it.
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Hmm, smell impacts taste directly and there are some smells I love like the smell of the freshly bathed baby, my husband's cologne, stargazer's, garlic, fresh baked cookies, and so on. That being said, that would be the only one I could part with for there are too many things in my life I love to see, hear, feel, and taste.
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Yep, smell for me as well..it's the easiest one to give up.
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It would have to be taste for me because then hopefully chocalate wouldnt have sutch a hold on me!
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I'd go without taste. Then I would eat pure healthy foods because I wouldn't be able to taste anything gross. Smell comes after that. I'd never give up hearing or sight.
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Taste...but I sure would miss enjoying Dairy Queen!
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I am acutally speaking from personal experience!  I can not smell a thing!  I never have so I honestly don't know what I am missing but it doesn't seem all that horrible.  I don't think I taste as strongly though, some things don't taste as great I think they should.  I think if I were to be able to smell and then lost that smell it would be horrible but since I never had that I don't know.  So that's why my vote is smell!
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I could live without my hearing I already know sign language...so it wouldnt be too hard for me. I love to taste different foods, so that rules out losing taste and smell...and sight is just self explainatory...but truely I am thankful that all of my sense work just fine.
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I picked taste. I'd miss it, but I'd lose some weight! lol
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I would pick taste as well then maybe I could lose weight.

Also I wish everyone in the world could lose their sight for a while then maybe people wouldn't be able to see each other and their wouldn't be as much hate in this world.  

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